Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Moon Insomnia

It’s insane!
I can’t sleep at night, so I have to sleep some other time.Today I learned it’s connected with cluster headaches. I had them for years and have just found the rule: if I slept bad and the weather changes - both conditions must be met for a chance of cluster headache for me.
But the insomnia goes mental, I feel mad. First time that bad - no sleep by 6am.
My hair gets longer, my teeth sharper. I suppose I will soon be a G.Ross park werewolf, which makes me think: “Do I want to?”
No. I’d rather be a vampire, though they suck. But do I have a choice? All that leads me to racism (as depicted in the Underworld ). If some people tend to pre-judge by colors, imagine how they would treat a other-shaped, differently built, hairy, ugly werewolves. Guess that’s why there are not so many of us now.
Happy happy StarTrek! A werewolf could be an officer - pure Communism!